Packing Your Suitcase the Smart Way

One of the most stressful aspects of travelling? Packing your suitcase. Somehow, no matter how hard you try, the zipper strains to close, or you’re worrying about leaving something vital behind. If you’re tired of spending hours upon hours packing, it’s time for a change. Here is how to pack your suitcase the smart way!

Start With a List

Staying organized while you pack can certainly be a challenge. That’s where a good list comes in handy. You can either write down one of your own or look online for a pre-set one. Either way, you’ll have a simple checklist of all your necessities right in front of you. This will prevent you from over packing and make it harder to forget anything you may need while you’re away.

Think About What You Really Need

So, you’re travelling for a week. Do you really need nine pairs of pants? No! Never ever bring a ton of extra clothes with you. Instead, think about what you are realistically going wear while you’re gone. If you only need one dressier outfit, only bring one. Many of us tend to bring more clothing so that we have options. If you want to pack smart, forget about the extra choices. Instead, plan what you’re going to wear ahead of time. Once you’re actually on your trip, you’ll be glad to have fewer choices.

Choose Versatile Pieces

The key to packing well is to choose versatile pieces. That means you’ll need clothes (and accessories) that can do double duty. You may love wearing those bright red pants, but bringing them on your trip isn’t necessarily a good idea. A pair of black pants on the other hand can be worn twice without anyone noticing. Plus, they can also be worn with just about any top you take with you. If you’re bringing accessories, the same rules apply. Pick simple pieces that look great with just about anything. For shoes, you’ll want something neutral but comfortable – and don’t bring too many pairs! The last thing you want is to stuff your suitcase full of shoes you won’t wear.

Be Able to Layer

If you want to ensure that you are packing smart, think about the pieces that you’re taking with you. Instead of bringing a bulky coat or oversized hoodie, pack clothes that you can easily layer. A simple cardigan or blazer can be worn over a t-shirt, button-down shirt, blouse, or tank top. Layering will keep you warm and help you look your best throughout your vacation.

Narrow Down Your Must-Haves

Think your suitcase is ready to go? Think again. It’s time to narrow it down. Take a moment to spread everything out on your bed. That includes all of your clothing, shoes, toiletries, and so on. It is time to take a critical look at what you are taking away. If there are any extra items, hang them back up in your closet. If you see something you really don’t think you’ll use often, put it back. By looking closely at everything you’re packing before you actually pack it, you’ll be less likely to include things you don’t need.

Wherever your next travel destination is, one thing is certain: your suitcase won’t be over packed! Follow this advice and start packing your suitcase the smart way. When you avoid those overweight luggage fees, you’ll be glad you did!

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